Tracking Alerts & Notifications

Elements GPS trackers and mapping services make it simple to track anything from a person, to a large fleet of vehicles. Whatever is important to you, we can help track it with our GPS services. You can rest assured that your belongings, family members or business employees will be accounted for. With Elements GPS tracking software you get fast, real-time notifications and alerts about your vehicles position and behavior.

You can set alerts and notifications for features like geofence areas, so when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area you will be notified. You can even set alerts and notifications for vehicle speed, so when a vehicle is over or under a certain speed, you will be notified.

You can even monitor driver stop locations, vehicle speeds, vehicle fuel usage and the total distance traveled in certain time frames. All of your tracking notifications are accessible at any time from any computer.

You can get notifications by sound alert, push alert (like a popup window on your screen), email or even a text message to your phone.