How To Set Up Your CJ720 Relay Tracker – Quick Guide

Accessing Tracker – First remove the top cover. Do this by holding the connections at the bottom and pulling the top case off.

2G SIM Card – Insert a nano 2G SIM card into the CJ720 GPS tracker. The status lights on the tracker will flash. You will easily be able to see both lights. Only use a nano 2G SIM card.

Green Light – GPRS/GSM
Green Light On Constant:  No GPRS/GSM signal.
Green Light Flash:  GPRS/GSM successfully connected.
Green Light Off:  No power or sleep mode.

Blue Light – GPS
Blue Light On Constant:  No GPS signal.
Blue Light Flash:  GPS successfully connected.
Blue Light Off:  No power or sleep mode.

Password – The default password for this vehicle GPS tracker is 123456. You will need this when sending SMS text commands to set up your tracker.

Set APN – You need to set your APN for the SIM card you have. Sending command – apn123456 – would set the APN to Replace, with your own APN.

You can now log into your Elements GPS mapping account and add your tracker to your account. Make sure you use the Tracking Device ID that came with the tracker.

CJ720 GPS Relay Tracker Commands

CJ720 GPS trackers are some of our most popular selling vehicle trackers. They are reliable, affordable, hidden very well, and have many functions. Even though they are largely popular, they do not come with a very good command manual.

CJ720 GPS Tracker Relay


This is simply a list of commands that you might find useful when setting up your CJ720 tracker. Most other CJ720 GPS trackers use the same, or at least similar commands. Some copies from foreign countries may use slightly different commands, but they should be about the same.

CJ720 Relay trackers use either 2G, 3G or 4G SIM cards, but most of the cheaper ones are going to use 2G SIM cards. That means you need a 2G SIM card if you bought a 2G CJ720, and a 3G SIM card if you bought a 3G CJ720. The commands will be same though.

GPS Tracker Commands For CJ720

How To Set Password For CJ720:
Command Structure:  password+old password+space+new password
Example Command: password123456 343434
Tracker Reply: password ok
(This will change your password so make sure to note it)

How To Set Admin Number For CJ720:
Command Structure:  admin+password+space+adminnumber
Example Command:  admin123456 16025567899
Tracker Reply: admin ok
(All text SMS will come to admin phone number once it is set)

How To Turn Off Admin Number For CJ720:
Command Structure:  noadmin+password
Example Command:  noadmin123456
Tracker Reply: noadmin ok

How To Set Overspeed Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  speed+password+space+000
Example Command:  speed123456 070
Tracker Reply:  speed ok
(In the example, if the vehicle reaches 70 k/h, SMS will send to admin phone)

How To Turn Off Overspeed Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  nospeed+password
Example Command:  nospeed123456
Tracker Reply:  nospeed ok

How To Turn On Shock Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  shock+password
Example Command:  shock123456
Tracker Reply:  shock ok
(If tracker is stationary for a few minutes, then next time it senses movement, it will send SMS alert to admin phone)

How To Turn Off Shock Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  noshock+password
Example Command:  noshock123456
Tracker Reply:  noshock ok

How To Set Sleep Time Setting For CJ720:
Command Structure:  sleep+password+space+time
Example Command:  sleep123456 time
Tracker Reply:  sleep time ok
(Sleep time means that, once tracker is woken up by movement it will go back to sleep after 5 minutes)(can change minutes by replacing “time” with number)

How To Set Sleep Shock Mode For CJ720:
Command Structure:  sleep+password+space+shock
Example Command:  sleep123456 shock
Tracker Reply:  sleep shock ok
(Sleep shock means that, if the tracker does not sense movement for 5 minutes, it will go to sleep)(or sleep minutes set in previous step)

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode For CJ720:
Command Structure:  nosleep+password
Example Command:  nosleep123456
Tracker Reply:  no sleep ok

How To Turn On GPRS For CJ720:
Command Structure:  gprs+password
Example Command:  gprs123456
Tracker Reply: gprs ok

How To Set APN For CJ720:
Command Structure:  apn+password+space+apnname
Example Command:  apn123456
Tracker Reply:  apn ok

Command Structure:  apnuser+password+space+apnusername
Example Command:  apnuser123456 yourapnusersame
Tracker Reply:  apnuser ok

Command Structure:  apnpassword+password+space+apnpassword
Example Command:  apn123456 yourapnpassword
Tracker Reply:  apnpassword ok

How To Set IP For Mapping Service For CJ720:
Command Structure:  adminip+space+ipaddress+port
Example Command:  adminip 6013
Tracker Reply:  adminip ok

How To Check Tracker Status For CJ720:
Command Structure:  check+password
Example Command:  check123456
Tracker Reply:  Replies with current settings by SMS

How To Set Move Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  move+password+space+distancemeters000threedigits
Example Command:  move123456 200
Tracker Reply:  move ok
(When tracker has been stationary for 10 minutes, send move+password to it, it will then send admin phone an alert if the tracker moves more than 200m from that location for this example)

How To Turn Off Move Alarm For CJ720:
Command Structure:  nomove123456
Example Command:  nomove123456
Tracker Reply:  nomove ok

How To Turn On Timed Tracking For CJ720:
Command Structure: t000s000n+password
Example Command: t030s005n123456
Tracker Reply:  no reply, just starts sending location info
(This example shows it will upload location every 30 seconds for 5 minutes)

How To Turn Off Timed Tracking For CJ720:
Command Structure:  notn123456
Example Command:  notn123456
Tracker Reply:  notn ok
(Stops sending previous tn command)

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