Amit VHG87B-0T1B0 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“In-Vehicle Gateway: Built-in LTE, configurable Ethernet WAN/LAN, and WiFi uplinks, GNSS can provide for fleet tracking, enable electronic devices in vehicle to communicate with remote application servers on the move, and provide on-board WiFi to increase passengers satisfactions.

Dual SIM: Embedded LTE with configurable dual-SIM achieve location free multi-ISP fail-over requirement.

Versatile Cellular: Preferred service selection can simplify uplink setting; toolkit function of data usage can control budget; configurable SMS command is useful and efficient for remote administration.

Complete Network: Built-in NAT/Port Forward/Routing/IPv6 are compatible to existing IP network.

Integrated WiFi Hotspot: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant wireless local access with security, multi-SSID, and captive portal for privilege group devices or passengers.

High Security: Various VPN protocol & scenario can setup secure intranet; built-in Firewall & IPS prevent malicious attacks; ACL & Authentication by MAC /User enhances secure access.

Flexible Administration: Web UI is used for basic setting; programmable CLI and Command Script is used for advanced configuration; system can be managed by NMS based on SNMP or TR-069.

Smart Event Handling: Mechanism to manage action for pre-define events by administrator. Events can be triggered or notified based on System/Interface status change, SMS, SNMP trap, or e-mail.

Ruggedized Design: Design with vibration and shock proof, wide range power design for variable power input installation, ignition sense and cold crank power design for in-vehicle installation.” – Amit

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