Amit VHG87B-LT1B0 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Get Vehicles On-Line at Instant
VHG87B-LT1B0 is a Cat-4 dual-LTE gateway that brings simplicity to wireless connection process. With worldwide LTE spectrum, it enables WAN connectivity for moving vehicles and contributes a reliable bi-directional communication for high-bandwidth requirements. Intelligent network monitoring allows VHG87B-LT1B0 gateway to re-connect automatically or fail over to alternative SIM.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot
Providing Internet and WiFi access to riders has become an essential service. VHG87B-LT1B0 equips dual WiFi radios that can support con-current 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi hotspot for buses or tourist coaches. Working with external portal server enables an efficient way of user authentication and billing. QoS and bandwidth management also guarantee a better quality of experience.

Geo Location Tracking
VHG87B-LT1B0 have built-in GPS receivers that can retrieve location data from global GPS satellite system, and then forward to remote servers or save in local storage. It is helpful to track locations of vehicles and integrate with LBS (Location-Based Service) or AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) applications. With NMEA 0183 standard format, it is much easier for backend servers integration.

In-Vehicle Networking
Thanks to multiple interfaces on VHG87B, it makes VHG87B as a communication hub for other on-board electronic devices. Through its 3-port gigabit Ethernet, digital IO, and serial, it’s easier to connect surveillance system, payment system, ticketing system, passenger information system, sensors, and alarms aboard. Ignition sense allows VHG87B to keep working after vehicle engine is shut off.

Dedicated to Harsh Environment
Many challenges in the way for electronic devices in vehicles, including unstable power source, transients, vibration, and extreme temperature. To overcome those problems, VHG87B-LT1B0 adopts special hardware components that are compliant to ISO7637-2 and MIL STD-810G requirements. VHG87B-LT1B0 also got E-Mark approval to show its confidence while it performs on the road.” – Amit

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