Arknav TDVR 42D GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“TDVR 42D Advance GPS Fleet Tracker DVR
For fleet / workforce management, driver / vehicle behaviour monitoring and road safety

With maturity of 3G technology, it opens up new opportunities to fleet monitoring service providers and system integrators. However, the majority of fleet management systems on the market still don’t offer video streaming capability, due to technical difficulties. Having years of industry experience and highly skilled R&D team, ARKNAV successfully developed TDVR 42D Advance GPS Fleet Tracker DVR, a comprehensive fleet tracking system with real-time and on-demand video streaming.

It offers not only advanced fleet management features, such as fuel consumption, mileage, driving behavior alerts, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, etc., but also capture event footage from 4 vehicle cameras. Fleet managers and coordinators can obtain real time video streaming when an incident occurs on the route. Furthermore, video footage recorded in TDVR 42D can be retrieved over the air to help them analyze the performance of drivers and vehicles.

Built on dual processor and multi-thread structure, TDVR 42D is able to manage multiple tasks, events, sensors and video recording. The use of multiple threads allows an application to distribute long running tasks so that they can be executed in parallel, and completed faster. Due to modularized and multiple watch dog design, it is extremely stable, and can be re-programmed to fit project requirements easily.

• Fleet management
• Workforce management
• Driver & vehicle behaviour monitoring
• Delivery truck dispatch
• Vehicle recovery
• Logistics for temperature-controlled supply chain
• Cargo monitoring
• Proof of delivery

1. Dual processor, multi-thread system
2. Fast and stable application performance
3. Modular architecture and multiple watchdogs
4. Smart power control when ignition off
5. Real-time & on demand video streaming
6. 24/7 monitoring even when vehicle engine is off
7. Driver aids for protecting drivers & road users
8. Event triggered video recording
9. HDD and SD card dual storage back up
10. Up to +65 volt power surge protection
11. Driver behavior and collision detection
12. iButton, RFID and magnetic card reader for driver ID
13. Over the air (OTA) firmware/configuration upload
14. Jamming, antenna cut, power lost and low battery alerts
15. Tire pressure and temperature detection

IO Interface and Other
Input 12 bit (0 ~ 36 V) analog input x 2
Active high input x6 (IN2~7)
Engine key input (ignition)
Pulse counting 10 hz to 1 Khz, or active low input x2 (IN1 & IN8)
Panic input (active low)
Active low input x3
Output Immobilizer
GPS out (NMEA protocol)
Negative output x5 (200mA max.)
SMA Straight Jack GPS and GSM/UMTS antennas

For more detailed specifications, please download the datasheet.

File Name File Size Time
TDVR 42D Advance GPS Fleet Tracker DVR ARKNAV-Datasheet 410 KB July 13th 2016

Main power input I/O cable
GPS antenna
GSM/UMTS antenna
Camera cable
DVR control input cable
Remote control
RS485 cable
Infrared extension cable
screws for HDD
Key for HDD/SIM/SD doors
USB cable (for configuration use)
Power output cable
Digital input cable
Output cable
R232 cable with DB9 connector
Analog input cable
1 wire digital thermometer input cable
GPS output cable
RFID reader
Magnetic card reader
iButton probe
iButton tag & key fob
Fuel level sensor
Immobilizer relay
1-wire digital thermometer
Hands-free speaker and microphone
High sensitivity microphone
Vehicle video camera
Tyre pressure sensor receiver
Tyre pressure sensor
(900 kpa max, for regular vehicles, must purchase at least a pair)
Tyre pressure sensor
(1300 kpa max, for trucks/buses, must purchase at least a pair)
Tyre pressure sensor signal repeater
(normally used for vehicles with more than 6 tyres)” – Arknav


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