AutoFon Mayak v5 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“AvtoFon-Mayak v5 is an autonomous search and security device that uses the GPS satellite navigation system to determine its exact location and a GSM network to transfer this data to the owner. The device is assembled in a miniature case and has built-in batteries that are designed for a battery life of up to 6 years (depending on model). Such a long operating time is achieved by a special algorithm for the operation of the device, in which it is in the “sleep” mode most of the time and consumes almost no battery power.

While in “sleep” mode, the device does not transmit anything to the radio, which makes it almost impossible to detect it using a GSM signal detector, and the absence of lead wires and miniature dimensions will not allow an attacker to find it by analyzing the wiring of the car. There is an additional mode for determining the location of the base stations of the GSM cellular network, which can come in handy if the surveillance object is in shelters or the signal from satellites is muted by technical means.

In this section, autonomous GPS beacons are presented, including the new products – AvtoFon Alfa-Mayak, AvtoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL and trackers at a super price – AvtoFon SE-Mayak.” – AutoFon

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