CalAmp LMU-2700 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“CalAmp LMU-2700 GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management solutions, with Driving control reports by sudden braking, aggressive acceleration or impact on the vehicle. LMU-2700 allows you to connect different external devices in their 5 digital inputs, 3 digital open collector outputs (200mA), 2 analog input and 1-Wire in which you can manage Driver identification on the device inputs, invalidating their vehicles driving by unauthorized personnel.

The best option to locate in real-time CalAmp LMU-2700 is to register it in a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where you can see all data and events sent by the device. LMU-2700 may also be located periodically from a mobile phone in scheduled SMS alerts are received, with the last known GPS position, generation or change of events.” – CalAmp


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