CalAmp LMU-300 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“The LMU-330 is an economical, low powered vehicle tracking device designed for inexpensive and hidden installation. An ideal solution for stolen vehicle recovery, auto rental and other automotive track and trace applications, the LMU-330 utilizes CalAmp’s PEG™ engine coupled with essential I/O capability to deliver accurate data about vehicle location and status.

HSPA and/or GSM/GPRS Connectivity
High Sensitivity GPS
Built-in Antenna for Easy Installation
Power Management and Sleep Modes
Battery Operated/Powered

Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Auto Rental Monitoring
Automotive Track & Trace

200 mAh Backup Battery
OBD-II Power Harness
Starter Interrupt Harness” – CalAmp


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