CalAmp LMU-800 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“The CalAmp LMU-800 GPS vehicle tracker is the ideal solution to monitor your vehicles. The LMU-800 gives you the control you need. It provides accurate, accountable information that makes your business more efficient and profitable.

You can quickly and easily locate your vehicles at any time from a computer or smartphone. A GPS vehicle tracker can help you deliver great customer service, increase revenue, and lower expenses.

The LMU-800 is the right solution for fleets of any size. Whether you have one vehicle or hundreds the LMU-800 delivers high performance and accuracy at an affordable price.

The LMU-800 automatically sends the vehicle’s location and speed to the Milo GPS tracking system. The LMU-800 has an internal GPS/GSM antenna for easy installation. It is hardwired into the vehicle to provide constant power.

The LMU-800 has an internal 200 mAh backup battery for extra protection. If power to the LMU-800 is lost or the vehicle’s battery dies the battery will power the unit. The LMU-800 can send an alert that the main power was cut.

The LMU-800 saves you money by monitoring engine idling. Excessive idling wastes money, causes unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle, and is bad for the environment. The LMU-800 records every time the vehicle idles for more than 5 minutes.” – CalAmp


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