Digital Systems DSM4 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“DSM4 is the latest generation of GPS/GSM autonomous locator device, main purpose of DSM 4 is stolen vehicle recovery. It have internal batteries, providing continuous working up to 36 months and small dimensions, that makes it’s very easy to hide it in vehicle. With the help of programmable working modes and 3 different localisation methods we believe it is best solution today.

How it works?

After device has been configured and installed, it becomes in sleep mode. In sleep mode device not transmits any data, even more – no electromagnetic radiation, which makes impossible to find it using scanners.

Once per day DSM4 wakes up and sends SMS text to predefined phone number, informs about status and internal battery condition. Duration of wake-up time by default is 10 minutes, if no requests received from driver, DSM4 becomes sleep mode again.

In case if vehicle has been stolen, driver must request GPS position by sending special SMS command to DSM4; after device wakes up, it will respond to driver by sending correct GPS position. In case if GPS position is not available (for example, vehicle are in metal garage), device will detect approximate position using GSM cells. To help find vehicle, it is possible to activate built-in transmitter, that helps locate vehicle using special scanner equipment.

Main advantages:
Small size – only 85x52mm
Work autonomous up to 3 years
No need to connect wires to install it
Invisible for scanners
Very sensitive GPS receiver
Localisation using GPS/GLONASS satellites and GSM cells
Built-in temperature sensor
Built-in transmitter to locate vehicle’s in non-accessible places
Programmable working modes
Water resistant enclosure (IP 67)” – Digital Systems

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