Eelink TK116 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Using TK116 GPS tracker, we can position ,monitor and control the vehicle on the position server via GPRS,GPS and Internet. It can help customers to manage transparently,reduce cost,maintain security and raise efficiency. Now it is widely used in business traffic,logistics distribution ,automobile lease ,intelligent transportation ,shipping market,army and police,rescuing,Safety Supervision ,Intelligent city…

Know the exact position of your vehicle using the GPS Fleet Management system Sometimes it may be difficult to know that where your vehicle is situated currently. People are using GPS Fleet Trackingsystem just to know the exact position of their vehicle. Eelink tech sells the top class GPS Fleet Tracking system which will allow you to know the exact vehicle position without wasting any time.

Some people are been able to successfully track their vehicles using Eelink’s vehicle Fleet Management system and you should yourself try such type of vehicle FleetManagement system.” – Eelink


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