Eelink TK319-H GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“If you are assigned to manage a fleet of vehicles, then it is important for you to keep track of the exact location of the fleet, meet deadlines and keep promises. A real-time GPS vehicle tracker provides instant speed and location data and improves the efficiency and safety of those vehicles. You can keep tabs on the vehicles and their drivers, and ensure that your assets reach the customers on time without any delay. It also helps you in reducing fuel waste, improving maintenance practices and customer service. This is what TK319-H, a vehicle GPS tracking device brought to you by Eelink for you exactly mean.

The TK319-H vehicle tracker is a self-contained, integrated commercial grade vehicle tracking device that uses GPS (uBlox IC) satellite location in combination with UMTS/HSPA module of uBlox’s UMTS/HSPA to report that location. The UMTS/HSPA module is used to provide efficient and cost-effective high-speed mobile connectivity than any other modules.

The TK319-H vehicle tracker is optimized for reliability, cost, and size that is targeted at expandable and truck, cargo or electric motor oriented IOT applications, etc. This real-time GPS vehicle tracker is also targeted at the property tracking market.” – Eelink


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