Gosafe G3S GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Device capabilities:FOTA, firmware upgrade over the air
Flexible programming rules
GSM jamming detection
Quad band GSM modem
HDOP/VDOP for precise location
Multiple data upload modes
2-Axis accelerometer sensor
156 hardware based geo-fence/point of interest
Over speed management
Multiple inputs and outputs
Configurable inputs and outputs
Internal backup batteryDevice features:16G G-force sensor
Dual/Quad band GSM modem
GSM jamming detection
Internal GPS and GSM antennas
Easy installation
HDOP/VDOP for precise location
Conditional based profile management
FOTA (Firmware update OTA)
Intelligent power management
Overspeed managementDevice applications:Intelligent vehicle
Vehicle and asset security
Mobile asset tracking
Fleet management” – Gosafe


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