Neomatica ADM007 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919


Tracker ADM007 is the smallest car tracker of Russian manufacture.

Designed to solve the basic tasks of vehicle monitoring. Due to its size and low weight, it can be used on any objects, ranging from quadrocopters and gyro scooters to special equipment. It can be covertly located on most objects and used as an effective addition to a standard anti-theft device. However, low cost allows you to put them on a larger number of monitored objects.

It is economical in terms of traffic and electricity consumption, due to which it can be used at facilities with batteries as the main source of electricity.

At the same time, when disconnecting GPRS communication, the data will be written to the device’s black box and transferred to the server when the network appears, so you won’t lose the information.

The high frequency of updating the position of the device in space allows you to qualitatively fix and draw a route of movement.

We offer you to consider in detail the advantages of the ADM007 tracker:

Advantages of the ADM007 terminal:

Highly sensitive receiver provides fast positioning in difficult conditions;
Compact case with built-in GSM and GLONASS / GPS antennas;
Easy installation

Ability to choose a navigation system (GLONASS, GPS, GLONASS + GPS);
Remote update of terminal firmware via GPRS;
Ability to configure using the Android application via Bluetooth;
Ability to work with wireless BLE sensors (for ADM007 BLE);
Ability to work with a wireless headset;
Wide range of supply voltage. Guaranteed operation from 8.5 to 40V, short-term operation from voltage up to 50V, built-in protection against power surges more than 50V;
An open and flexible protocol supported on most telematic servers;
Ability to determine coordinates by LBS;
Support for a domain name as a server address;
Password protection of the terminal and SIM card against unauthorized management;
PCT certificate, TP TR declaration 020/2011;
Compact size and light weight;
Technical support from the manufacturer;
Warranty period of operation 1 year;

Specifications ADM007:

GLONASS / GPS receiver sensitivity: 165dBm;
Number of GLONASS / GPS receiver channels: 132;
Communication standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Multi-slot Class 12;
1 microSIM;
1 analog input;
Supply voltage: +8.5 .. + 40V;
Number of saved route entries: at least 48,000;
Management via Bluetooth, SMS, GPRS;
Overall dimensions: no more than 45x25x12 mm.
Weight: 13g.” – Neomatica

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