Noran NR008 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Real Time GPS Tracker
NR-008 Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Product Description

NR008 is automobile GPS tracking device, it works with our Auto GPS Tracking system perfectly.


·Fleet management“Automobile
·Vehicle rental

·Anti-theft of Vehicle

Brief Function of Automobile GPS Tracking Device
1. Engine remote control: You can stop oil supply by SMS/ GPRS remotely

2. Over-speed alarm: Both software and authorized mobile number will receive alarm when target is over a specified speed. This speed limitation should be set in advance.

3. SOS Function: Alarm will be sent to software and authorized number when SOS is pressed once emergency.

4. Geo-fence

5. Movement alert: Send a movement alert to the user when it begins to move.

6. Assistant alarm: compatible with original car’s anti-theft system

7. Voice monitoring: Use the authorized number to call the device, you will hear the voice in the vehicle.

8. Anti- dismantle: It will alarm when lose the power of car



· Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

· Max RF output : 33.0dBm±2dBm: 33.0dBm±2dB

· Dynamic input range : -15 ~ -102dBm -15 ~ -102dBm

· Frequency stabilities: >2.5ppm

· RMS Deviation: ≤5deg

· GPS chipset: SIRF Star

· Channels: 20

· Capture time: 0.1 sec., average

· Hot boot: 2 sec., average

· Warm boot: 38 sec., average

· Cold boot: 44 sec., average

· Height limit: 18000 m

· Speed limit: 515 m/s


Gift package/ compressed package with GPS Tracker (NR008), SOS button, Microphone, connection cable, GPS antenna, GPS antenna and English User manual” – Noran

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