Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“The device is a GSM / GPS tracker with a built-in GSM module and GPS / GLONASS receiver and is designed for remote monitoring and control of a vehicle, as well as for alarm notification, using a mobile phone or computer using a cellular network. OKO-NAVI-8C uses two satellite systems – GPS and GLONASS.

The main purpose of the device is to work as a GPS / GSM tracker to perform transport logistics tasks using the GSM network of a mobile operator and GPRS / EDGE technology to transfer data to a server.

This device can also be used as a GSM car alarm, which transmits an alarm from the siren of an already installed conventional car alarm, as well as for remote engine blocking using a mobile phone.

GPS / GSM tracker can work as a GSM / GPS beacon (“Invisible” mode) with reduced power consumption.

The instructions for this device can be downloaded on the INSTRUCTIONS AND SOFTWARE tab.

A GPS tracker allows a user to control and watch his location using a program for Android and iOS.

2 inputs: measuring analogue input, “panic button”
1 output (combined with input): interlock relay
Connecting an analog fuel level sensor
Internal GSM-module and GPS / GLONASS- receiver
Internal GSM and GPS antennas
Internal memory for storing about 4 thousand data points
Alarm notification: by call, SMS to 3 numbers
SMS status report
DTMF device control
Receive data on request via SMS message with a link to view the exact location of the vehicle on a Yandex or Google map on a mobile phone
Data transfer to TCP server via GPRS / EDGE technology
Intelligent algorithm for transmitting track data (software analogue of the accelerometer)
User software update via GPRS
GPS / GSM tracker OKO-NAVI-8C
User’s Manual” – OKO

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