Oner 3G GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Dimension 60mmx85mmx30mm Weight 145g
Charging voltage +9V – +35V / 1.5A GPS Chipset Latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
Back up battery 550mAh lithium-ion battery Operating temp -20°C to 55°C
Humidity 5%–95% GPS Sensitivity 158Db
LED indicator 2 indicators show GSM/GPS status GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
Channels 20 channel all-in-view tracking Interface 2 input and 1 output
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s Position Accuracy 10 m, 2D RMS
Frequency 850/1900Mhz,900/2100Mhz UMTS | 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM” – Oner

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