Sanav CT58 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker

CT-58 is a mini GPS tracker available at the current market and is able to apply to many tracking purposes such as vehicle, container or assert tracking. CT-58 is also equipped with high sensitive vibration sensor which could reflect the real position of the surrounding immediately as being activated. CT-58 will be the best helper for you to detect your most valuable properties.

The build-in vibration sensor will detect the movement of the CT-58.
When the movement occurs, the CT-58 will send out reports.
The external panic button (option) can be connected to CT-58.
When the panic button is pressed, CT-58 will send out SOS report.
Improved the GPS and GSM receptions.
Compact and rubust enclosure.

Fleet management
Vehicle security and recovery
Assert tracking
Yachting watching
Covert tracking” – Sanav

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