Telic Picotrack Endurance Primary GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Telic Picotrack Endurance Primary
Robust device for long-term asset tracking applications

The Picotrack Endurance Primary is a tracking device for asset tracking applications, featuring a very robust IP69K housing and extremely long battery life. It is for the location of large valuables over very long periods (almost 9 years one message per day), such as for locating containers, swap bodies, freight cars and heavy construction equipment. The long service life is made possible by a large primary cell and a very low power consumption in deep sleep mode.


Picotrack, a tracker with a sturdy housing, allows applications in the most challenging environments
Maintenance-free operation with a lifetime of almost 9 years for one message per day
Integrated antennas allow easy and quick installation
Device configuration and communication via serial interface or via SMS / GPRS
GSM-based location data when GPS is not available
Made in Germany

Location of:

Freight cars without their own power supply
Heavy equipment (eg construction, industry) trailers and swap bodies
Any valuables with a long life

Example applications:

Improve supply chain visibility
Security applications for locating and recovering high value logistics assets and heavy equipment” – Telic

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