Telic Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Telic Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable
Robust and rechargeable device for long-term asset tracking applications

The Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable is an asset tracking device with a rugged IP67 housing. It can be used for tracking large valuables (containers, swap bodies, Freight cars …) up to max. be used for a year. It is suitable for applications that require a higher tracking frequency.


Robust housing tracking device enables applications in the toughest environmental conditions
Maintenance-free operation for up to one year at 10 – 15 messages per day
Integrated antennas allow easy and fast installation
Easy installation thanks to integrated antennas and highly sensitive GPS receiver technology
Device configuration and communication via serial interface or via SMS / GPRS
Made in Germany

Location of:

Freight cars without their own power supply
Heavy equipment (eg construction, industry)
Any valuables with a long life

Example applications:

Improve supply chain visibility
Security applications for locating and recovering high value logistics assets and heavy equipment” – Telic

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