Telic Picotrack Power GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“The small and robust unit for the location of valuables

The Picotrack Power has an extremely small and rugged housing and excellent battery life, and is particularly suitable for tracking valuable shipments (eg product prototypes, confidential documents, …) over a period of weeks to months.

The locator may also transmit GSM-based location data (longitude & latitude) when GPS is not available. The Picotrack Power is equipped with a 1320 mAh battery. Optionally, an IP69K enclosure is available as an accessory for tracking in the toughest environmental conditions.


The compact device the size of a matchbox fits into transport containers of any kind
Integrated antennas and a high-sensitivity GPS receiver allow easy and quick installation
GSM-based location data if GPS is not available (eg in tunnels or in a warehouse)
Excellent battery life up to several months, depending on the configuration
Made in Germany

Location of:

Transport boxes, pallets, boxes
High quality goods and products
Product prototypes
Confidential documents
Security related items

Example applications:

Security applications aimed at tracking and recovering high value goods” – Telic

Categories: Supported Trackers