Teltonika FM3620 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919


“Teltonika FM3620 GPS tracker designed for asset tracking and Fleet Management telematic solutions. If you need to track real-time asset or fleet has installed FM3620 GPS tracker of Teltonika, need to register the FM3620 into a Tracking Management Platform via Web, FM3620 can also be configured to only send SMS alerts to a predefined phone, these alerts notify you of any new event generated by the device.

To Driving control in your asset or vehicle Teltonika FM3620 GPS tracker has 4 configurable scenarios: over speeding (secure driver and prevent penalties) scenario, trip start and end detection scenario, authorized driving (for Driver identification with iButton) scenario and immobilizer function scenario.

Teltonika offers 2 hardware modifications of this model for connecting external peripherals to the FM3620 GPS tracker: interfaces for C1 modification: 1 digital input, 1 universal input digital / analog and 2 digital outputs; interfaces for C2 modification: 1 universal input digital / analog, 1 interface 1-Wire and 1 digital output.

Apart from the hardware option to select the Teltonika FM3620 GPS tracker has an internal backup battery, 1 Internal USB port to configure the FM3620 or update the firmware (can be updated via OTA), external GSM antenna with SMA connector and external GNSS antenna with MCX connector.” – Teltonika


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