Teltonika GH1202 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11901


“Teltonika GH1202 GPS Tracker is a handheld terminal with GSM/GPS connectivity, used for personal tracking solutions. GH1202 of Teltonika brand has a Panic button for safety and sending SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone or send panic alerts to a Tracking Management Plaform.

Teltonika GH1202 it also provides for voice communications between the device and selected phones. GH1202 it can be used as a Standalone GPS in which case it needs no installation or additional equipment other than a SIM card for Mobile Phone network access.

Additional GPS Tracker Info
Target Market:Track & Trace
GSM band:Full quadband
Back up Battery:Yes
Internal Memory:Yes
Communication method:GSM, GPRS, TCP
Position by:Time, Distance, Angle change
Sleep mode:Yes
Pre-defined inputs:Panic
Antennas:GPS internal, GSM internal
Extra Connectivity:Microphone / Speaker, USB port
Made in:Europe” – Teltonika


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