Topflytech T8603 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“TOPFLYTECH T8603 Vehicle or Mobile Asset GPS Tracker with OBDII connection and easy Plug and Play installation. The real-time location of T8603 device from TOPFLYTECH brand can release within of a Tracking Management Platform always online.

TOPFLYTECH T8603 allowing to configure different SMS alerts and when any of these alerts be active you receive in your mobile phone the notification. T8603 of TOPFLYTECH can be controlled in real-time the Driving behaviour, this is possible in vehicles or any type of mobile asset that having OBDII port. In addition, T8603 device of TOPFLYTECH brand offer the possibility of FOTA function for firmware update or send configuration commands, saving costs in technical services or unnecessary movements.” – TOPFLYtech

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