Tytan SAT DS520 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“Tytan®SAT DS520B

tracker with internal backup battery

GSM/GPRS device designed for real time tracking of vehicles and cargo or supervising technical objects. It is intended for passenger, construction, money transport and agricultural vehicles, buses, trucks etc. with either 12V or 24V power supply.

Communication with server via GPRS using UDP or TCP protocol in GSM network.

Transmission of location data (GPS/GLONASS position and speed) with current parameters and events registered in monitored objects.

Operation via 1-wire interface with iButton identifiers, digital temperature sensors (e.g. DS1820) and RFID readers.

Fuel level readouts from two fuel level sensor circuits (OEM float type sensors and FLS with analogue output 0-10V).

Data storage in 4 MB non-volatile memory – prevents data loss in case of no GSM coverage. Up to 50,000 reports can be stored in memory (~85 hours of work with 10 reports generated every minute).
Internal 320mAh LiPo battery allows the device to operate in emergency conditions when vehicle battery is disconnected. The device still remains online and sends data to the server.

Power saving modes: GPS sleep and deepsleep – min. power consumption less than 2mA.

Functions of TytanSAT DS520B:

Driver’s identification using iButtons (DS1990A) and 1-wire compatible RFID readers.
Immobiliser function that prevents unauthorised starting of the vehicle engine.
Antihijack function that allows the operating vehicle engine to be stopped via SMS or GPRS commands.
Remote firmware upgrades via GSM/GPRS – OTA (over-the-air) using FTP protocol. Upgrade control via GPRS or SMS commands.
Remote configuration upgrades via GSM/GPRS – OTA (over-the-air) using FTP protocol. Configuration loading and saving control via GPRS or SMS commands.” – Tytan

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