Ulbotech T356 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 11919

“T356 is a WIFI, 0 use-cost OBD II GPS tracking device. It’s the built-in high capacity flash for two weeks data storage. The built-in WIFI functionality supports the device to synchronized the all full storage data to the server within quite a short time. T356 can be preset more than 1600 WIFI AP information to support the device sending the data to the server more easy and quickly.

Just like during the vehicle refueling, the device could be upload the data to the server via the preset AP. The internal GPS and OBD functions support to real-time recording and analyzing GPS and OBD data, including mileage and fuel consumption data statistics. It’s integrated the 3-axis accelerometer can be real-time monitored 8 kinds of bad driving behavior. It’s built a power-cut output and a configurable input circuit to facilitate the device’s extension functionality.

Ulbotech GPS Tracker Features
OBD connectivity, simple to install, easy to use.
Supports all OBDII protocols.
Support SAE J1939 CANBUS.
Support SAE J1708/J1587 protocol.
Build in WIFI support 802.11 b/g/n.
Optional Bluetooth low energy(BLE) function.
U-blox NEO-6M GPS module with A-GPS.
Internal WIFI, BLE and GPS antenna.
Internal Immobilizer for anti-theft.
Configurable input for analog, ACC or SOS etc.
Internal 3-axis accelerometer.
Build buzzer for alert.
8 types driver behavior detect.
Tracking by time, distance, course and status.
Geo-fence(Circle, Rectangular and Polygon).
FOTA(Firmware updating via WIFI).” – Ulbotech


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