Xexun TK103 GPS Tracker

Elements GPS Mapping Server Port: 12300


“Product description

GSM GPS Tracker TK103 Original From Xexun Original

Real-time Google Map Tracking Free web tracking software

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellitesĀ”Ā¢

Locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS,Guard against theft of Vehicle.

Include best tracking function,provide 3 years warranty

1. Application
2. Connectors
3. Wires Connection
4. External Relay Connection
5. Specifications
6. SIM Card Installation
7. Startup
8. Usage
9. Fortifying Mode
10. Engine Started Alert
11. Movement Alert
12. Power Cutoff Alert
13. Checking the Working Status
14. Tracking Mode
15. Initialization
16. Change Password
17. Authorization
18. Auto-Track
19. Geo-fence
20. Movement Alert
21. Overspeed Alert
22. IMEI Checking
23. SOS Function
24. Low Battery Alert
25. SMS Center
26. Monitoring Mode
27. Remote Oil&Electricity Cut-off Function
28. GPRS Setting
29. Cautions

Package include:
1* Original retail box
1* XEXUN Original GPS TK103 Tracker
1* GPS Antenna
1* GSM Antenna
1* Relay
1* Power cable

Please Note:
This GPS trackers need to use a Sim card for 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, not support 3G,4G sim card. The package no include sim card,customers need to get it from your own country by yourself.” – Xexun



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