Lifetime Warranty – GPS Trackers – Elements GPS

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We love helping our great customers track their important things! We really do value your business.

We appreciate our customers and focus greatly on customer experience. Because of this we offer a Lifetime Warranty on trackers we sell.

If the device was purchased from us, and mapping service was initiated when the device was new, we will warranty the device for as long as you own it. Period.

In order to be eligible for the lifetime tracker warranty:

  1. Tracking device must have been purchased from Elements GPS (or through another online store like Amazon, Ebay, etc… as long as it was shipped by Elements GPS)
  2. Tracking device must have Elements GPS mapping service from date it was new.
  3. Tracking device should not show signs of abuse (normal wear is acceptable, run over by a steam roller is not acceptable).
  4. Unusual amount of replacements will eventually be denied (this rarely happens).

The Lifetime Tracker Warranty does not cover lost items. Lost items are available at 50% off, as long as the above criteria apply.

To request a replacement for a lost tracker, or a replacement for a broken tracker, just simply contact us. We are happy to help!